Talking to children about sex and relationships

Talking to children about sex and relationships

Children ask questions as soon as they can talk!


It is important that they learn that they can talk to you, have their questions answered, and that they will get accurate information. It is so important that you feel confident to provide your child with factual age appropriate information about sex, relationships and growing up.


Gain confidence and knowledge to talk to your children about sex and relationships in a safe and supportive group environment. This fun and relaxed course is based on the FPA UK’s Speakeasy course and will cover the following topics plus those decided on by the group

• How we learned about sex and relationships and what our children need
• Hopes, Fears and Expectations
• Language and the words we know
• Looking at physical & emotional changes for boys & girls in puberty
• Needs of children at different stages of their life
• Age appropriate information
• Learning opportunities with our children
• Stereotypes and media
• Pressures and how to deal with them
• Methods of Contraception including pros & cons
• Information on S.T.I.'s
• Looking at sex and relationship education in schools
• Child Safety


Talking to Children About Sex and Relationships

This course runs for 6 weeks, 2hours per week.

Facilitated by FPA UK Speakeasy Facilitator

Cost $150.

For upcoming dates please see our calendar. Please contact us on 503 567 2449 for more information and to book.


If you would like to have this course presented in your workplace or to an existing group please contact us to discuss.

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