Baby Basics

Baby Basics

Welcoming you little person can be exciting but it can also be a little overwhelming. Our baby basic class will prepare you for the day when you first hold your baby in your arms. In this fun class you will learn what to expect from your baby and yourself, how to prepare and you will gain confidence to care for you little person while taking care of yourself and your family.

This class will offer you unbiased information and provide you with support to explore your options, learn skills and decide how you want to care for your baby.

We will cover:

Caring for your baby – hands on practice to learn how to handle your baby, dress them, change their diaper, bath them and look after their cord.

Choices for your newborn- tests, checks and other choices you will be offered for your newborn at birth or in the first few weeks of life.

Safety – up to date recommendations and guidance for keeping your baby safe.

Calming your baby – understanding cues, feeding, sleeping and learning techniques to help calm them when they cry.

Parenting choices – cloth or disposable diapers, wearing baby – which sling, routines and baby led. There are many parenting choices you will face, we will provide you with information to make decisions that work for your unique family and baby.

Looking after yourself and each other – how can partners help, how can they bond with their baby, what emotional changes to expect and tips for baby proofing your relationships with each other and family.


Baby Basics

This 4 hour course is covered in one or two sessions, to suit your families needs. Times can be flexible to fit in with your schedule.

Cost is  $125 per couple, partners and close friends or family who will be supporting you are encouraged to attend.

To book please call 503 567 2449, payment is due at time of booking.

Facilitated by Parent Educator/Postpartum Doula/IBCLC









What Our Clients Say

'Joanne's Infant Massage Class was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and my son, and even better, it led us to Joanne! She has given me valuable advice on breast feeding, my son's weight gain, and introducing solid foods. Joanne really understands the kind of support that moms need; she is non-judgmental and completely supportive. I'm really not sure who I would've talked to about all of these questions if I hadn't met Joanne, and I'm so grateful that I took her class!'

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